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About Sam Sheikh

Sam has successfully closed various multi-million dollar commercial transactions as well as excelling in listing houses, land, and multi-family properties – usually selling above appraisal values in record times. He enjoys finding great deals for investors and homeowners as well.

“Whether it’s residential or commercial, I love helping people and organizations with their real estate needs!”

What Clients Say

Sam Sheikh has been nothing less than exceptional. He has exceeded my expectations as well as went out of his way to give me the very best service and experience as a customer.
I did not expect things to go as well as they did. Night and day, Sam and his team were there to assist me in any way.
I cannot express the gratitude Sam and his team have given me during my time, and it has been worth every minute of it. I would and will recommend him to all of my friends if they are looking for a Realtor.
No matter how hard things may be, Sam will make sure that everything goes well at the end of the day. I had an amazing experience! Sam, thank you form the bottom of my heart!
Christopher Howard
From the first conversation, it was evident that Sam was knowledgeable, dedicated, and committed. It was clear that he was available and ready to work with us to find a home that most resonates with our family because within a few listings, a few showings, and a few conversations, we found the home we were looking for.
Sam navigated through time and space quickly and efficiently, all at the same time offer smooth transitions. He presented ideas with clarity and focus, always keeping my family’s stated desires in the forefront.
Sam’s network of associates is top notch. Working with the lender proved to be amazing as well (truly the best lender I have worked with). Sam’s timeliness, availability, and analytic knowledge allowed us to put forth a great offer, with very little back and forth with the seller’s agent.
All the logistics flowed effortlessly (inspection, working with the title company, pre-closing docs, lender back and forth, asks of the seller, and so on). Sam excels at communication.
Through brief phone calls, timely emails, text messages, and appointments. Timeline and momentum are always preserved, with little to no loss of clarity and purpose. Sam was overall exceptional!
Bijan Esfahani

About Rob Van Swelm

I am passionate about getting our clients into the very best position possible to make their real estate transactions smooth and pain free. 

The more time we spend getting the details ironed out before we go into negotiations, the better the outcome.

What Clients Say

Sam has performed above and beyond. His exemplary and personalized service by far went past our expectations. He made us feel like million dollar clients at all times.
Sam can work under pressure and always attacks problems with a positive attitude. I am sure that Sam has to be up in the rankings with his great people skills and his knowledge of the real estate market. If he is not top ranked, I am sure he will be there soon. I have no problem passing his name to everyone I know.
Sam treated as if we were his family. Once again thanks Sam for the great service.
Chris Andrade
Sam was fantastic, and it was awesome working with him. He had great negotiating skills and was willing to do what it takes to get us the perfect house.
If it weren’t for him, we would not have found such a sweet deal on our house. He was really responsive to all our needs and helped us in every step of the process.
He got us out of a contract with a homebuilder that clearly we were about to overpay for. I am so glad we terminated that contract with the homebuilder and got another place instead!
He really listened to us regarding what we wanted and did an awesome job in finding our dream house. He works for his clients and was not happy until we were.
Subhashini Patil

About Laura Staves

Laura is a natural in Real Estate! She puts her superb listening skills to work by always putting her clients first! Her experiences include dominating in residential and working alongside luxury builders.

What Clients Say

Laura is an outstanding Realtor – she went above and beyond my expectations. This was our first time buying a house and Laura made it an enjoyable experience.
Throughout the search she worked hard showing us houses, making sure to keep our interests in mind.
No matter what the circumstances, she was always there to answer our questions.
Laura is not only a great Realtor, buy an amazing person as well. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
Lane H

Laura is the perfect mixture of professional and personable! 

The time and care she takes in staging a property speaks to her passion for serving her clients as though they were her own family. 

If you are buying or selling your home you are making a good decision choosing her as your Realtor!
Jordan Jones

About Jaime Varela

Jaime brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in systemic methods towards customer relationships. He excels in creating value for clients and SpecTower’s affiliate partners as well as advising on internal investments.

“You get what you negotiate, that’s the key to get the best for my clients, I am determined to go beyond expectation in order to make them happy and 45 years in the industry of manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and multi-level networking back me up.”


Why It Matters

When buying or selling real estate, it’s important that you choose an Agent who will go to bat for you and actively negotiate on your behalf.
In the end it means more money in your pocket, a happy customer and personal satisfaction for us along with continuous referrals by super happy customers well after the transaction.
We are thankful for the trust that our clients put in us for some of their most sensitive transactions.
Think about it, it’s not just a matter of buying or selling a piece of property… It’s about your livelihood… In this situation you want to work with someone who will put your interests first and do right by you. Someone who will go the extra mile to net you the most on your sale or get a great deal on your purchase.
Even if you’re not ready yet, you are welcome to call us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.